New displays and display functions on the planning tables.


For Release 4.0A the following new functions are available for capacity leveling on the capacity planning table:

Since 3.1H you can display the shift calendar for a capacity on the capacity planning table. The properties of the shift split and of the time fence are defined in the SAP standard.
In 4.0A you can define the properties of the shift split and of the time fence in Customizing for the time scale profile. See Define time scale profile.
In the SAP standard the time fence is blue. It is continuous in the line of the capacity whose shift calendar is shown and in the other lines of the chart it is dotted.
You can also specify that when the capacity planning table is called up the shift calendar of the fist capacity is automatically shown.
Until now you could display multiple commitment at a work center using multiple commitment -> Show.
As of Release 4.0A multiple commitments can also be displayed by marking the objects concerned. In the SAP standard this is a green line at the bottom edge (graphical object type O1). If you want to choose another marking you must enter the graphical object type to be used to display the multiple commitment in Customizing for chart sequences. See Define chart sequence.
In the capacity planning table you can change the time scale using Settings -> Scale . Several scales are available that use the following SAP standard profiles.
These must therefore exist in the client.
With Edit -> Position on time axis you can position the time axis in the capacity planning table on the
The time scale is positioned in such a way that the selected date or graphical object appears on the left side of the diagram section.
You can specify in Customizing that when you call up the capacity planning table the non-work periods are hidden that are common to all capacities (the intersection of all non-work periods). See Define scale of time scale.
You can switch between the current view and the total view of the Settings -> View -> Adjust diagr.section .
Sie können im Einstiegsbild des Kapazitätsabgleichs das Zeitprofil ändern. Wählen Sie dazu Einstellungen -> Zeitprofil ändern. Im Dialogfenster Zeitprofil ändern werden die Daten des aktuellen Zeitprofils angezeigt und können geändert werden.

You can copy any fields from the material master to the table section of the planning tables. The fields come from the material master. For this purpose there is now the structure MARA for the sort layout key in Customizing for capacity leveling.
On the capacity planning table you can use Edit -> Insert date marker to insert date markers and then delete them again. A date marker is a vetical line that marks a date on the time axis.
To insert date markers in the capacity planning table go into Customizing for the Capacity planning table under Define chart sequence and go to chart position and enter a color category for the date marker.
You can select operations on the capacity planning table by drawing a frame around the graphical objects keeing the left mouse button pressed down.
On the capacity planning table you can select or highlight operations that belong together, for example, operations with the same material number. To do this select an operation and choose Edit -> Select or Highlight -> Objects belonging together. All operations are selected that, like the operation selected, have the features specified using the selection fields in the selection key.
Selection keys are, like sort keys, created in Customizing for capacity leveling under Define sort key.
You can enter the sort key
In the SAP standard the first field of the selection key is automatically the selection field
You can choose the selection fields in the selection key. If you also enter values for the selection fields then all of the operations with values are selected.