New Developments in the Planning Table for Release 4.0


In Repetitive Manufacturing, the master plan is represented by the planning table. The planning table is the basis of all planning activities in Repetitive Manufacturing.

In a repetitive manufacturing environment, planning and control is usually carried out on a period and quantity basis. The layout of the planning table has been designed to support this requirement and is also based on periods to provide a very clear, easy-to-interpret overview of materials and production lines.

From Release 4.0, you can also use the planning table in MRP as an additional tool for evaluating and planning planned orders and production orders even if no run schedule header has been created for these materials. Only a production version is required for these materials.

The planning table is the planner’s/MRP controller’s most important tool for planning the production quantities. At a glance, you can check the production quantities, monitor the available capacity of the production lines and check up on the availability situation of the products produced on each line. The flexible strategies available for automatically dispatching quantities provide even more support for creating a realistic master plan balanced with capacity on hand.

As planning is often carried out on a shift basis, functions are also available in the planning table for distributing production quantities over shifts.

In Release 4.0, the initial screen for accessing the planning table as well as the layout and structure of the planning table have been changed considerably:

Change system parameters in customizing

The step, Make Global Settings has been changed.