Check report for capacity leveling


Analysis of overall profile for capacity leveling

Customizing for the overall profile for capacity leveling is very complex. Thus errors easily arise if standard profiles are changed or new profiles created.

In Release 4.0 you can use a check report to analyse the overall profile for errors.

You can call up the check report

The check report displays the profiles in the overall profile on the screen. Incorrect profiles are selected. By double-clicking on a selected profile the profile hierarchy is exploded and the possible errors are displayed. The long text for the error message tells you how to remove the error and refers to the transaction affected in Customizing.

Copy overall profiles for capacity leveling

You can use the check report to copy an overall profile for capacity leveling to another overall profile in any transaction.

Define color for marking objects with errors

If a function finds an error in the capacity planning table, for example missing parts during the ATP check, then the objects affected are highlighted. After the overall profile has been checked you can specify the color using the check report with Edit -> Assign colors.