MRP: Planning for Components to be Provided in Subcontracting


As of release 4.0, the net requirements calculation for the components to be provided in subcontracting takes into consideration that the stock of material provided to the subcontractor can only be used to cover the appropriate requirements for material provided. Therefore, the component stock (stock provided) already provided to the vendor (subcontractor) can only be used to cover the requirements for material provided to this particular subcontractor.

The system only uses the stock of material provided that has not been assigned to a subcontractor as unrestricted-use stock to cover all requirements.

Changes to the interface

Subcontracting Planning Segment:

In an additional planning segment for subcontracting, the system displays the stock and requirements for material provided in the MRP list and the stock/requirements list. A separate planning segment is created for each vendor (subcontractor) for which stocks or requirements for material provided exist. The system displays stock/requirements for material provided for information purposes only. Actual planning occurs in the net requirements segment.

Planning in the Net Requirements Segment:

In the net segment, the system calculates the difference between stock already provided and requirements for material provided.

The system does not include requirements that are covered by existing stocks at the subcontractor's plant for material provided to a subcontractor in the net requirements calculation. The system also does not display the requirements.

The system displays and plans requirements for material provided to a subcontractor that are not covered by stocks already provided.