Single-Item, Multi-Level Planning in Simulative Mode


In single-item, multi-level planning, it is possible to carry out the planning run in the main memory where it is also possible to check and change the results. Search and evaluation functions are available to help recognize and solve problem situations.

The system displays problems in lower-level assemblies or components at finished product level and these problems can be solved immediately. To improve the performance of the database, the changes are not saved until the MRP controller is satisfied with the planning results of all the materials in the BOM structure.

Simulative planning is a tool that can be used to plan larger BOM structures so that you can recognize and solve problem situations on time.

The following functions are available:

Changes to the interface

The simulative mode field has been added to the initial screen of single-item, multi-level planning. You can start planning in simulative mode by selecting this field.