Displacing the Stocking Level (new functions)


With the planning strategy Planning without final assembly, the components and assemblies of the finished product are preproduced, but the final assembly of the finished product is not triggered until sales orders have been received.

If necessary, you can also displace the stocking level further down the BOM structure. This means that you can plan assemblies and components that are not to be preproduced, but actual assembly or procurement is not carried out until sales orders have been received.

Prior to 4.0, the special procurement key "Phantom assembly in indep.reqmts" was set for assemblies or components that were not to be procured until after the sales orders were received. This special procurement key no longer exists in 4.0.

Dependent requirements for the assemblies or components that are not procured in planning are managed in a separate planning segment as planned orders with the order type VP.

VP planned orders can neither be converted nor changed manually.


The multi-level planning run illustrates the later make-to-order production. You create planned orders with the order type VP for assemblies or components not preproduced. This enables the following functions:

How to

If you want to displace the stocking level for the assemblies or components further down the BOM structure and create planned orders for these assemblies or components in the planning run, you must make the following settings: