Planning Run: Creating Total Records for Dependent Requirements


You can greatly increase the performance of the MRP run for products with a high number of components by creating total dependent requirements for the components.

The system does not create individual records per pegged requirement in table RESB for components for which it is possible to create total dependent requirements when using this total dependent requirements process. Instead, the system creates a totals record per component in table RQID that contains the cumulative quantity of all requirements per component.

Table (RQHD) contains the header information for the BOM explosion and controls how the system creates total dependent requirements.


The material or component must meet the following conditions to carry out this process:

The material must be allowed for repetitive manufacturing and have a repetitive manufacturing profile that allows the creation of total dependent requirements.
The system can only create total dependent requirements for those components that are not produced using make-to-order production. You must therefore set the individual/collective indicator for the components accordingly in the material master record.


You have 1000 components for a finished product and an order volume of 1000 per day.
The system writes a total dependent requirements record for each order without total dependent requirements which results in a total of 1,000,000 records.
If, however, the system can create total dependent requirements records for all 1000 components, the system creates only one totals record per component. That means, the number of records can be reduced to 1000.
If you carry out an availability check for 200 of the 1000 components, the system creates individual records and totals records for these components.

This amounts to 200,000 individual records and 200 totals records. The system creates only totals records for the remaining 800 components, which amounts to 800 records.

In this example the number of records is reduced from 1,000,000 to 201,000 records.

Change system parameters in customizing

You can make the settings for the repetitive manufacturing profile in Customizing for Repetitive Manufacturing. For more information on this topic, read the IMG for the next chapter:

Specify control data for repetitive manufacturing profiles

Changes in procedure

The system displays the total dependent requirements as total requirements in the evaluations of MRP. It is not possible to view pegged requirements for the total requirements.

In the planned order you can view the components for which the system created the total dependent requirements via a special list. In the standard component list, the system only includes those components for which individual records were created.

Further notes

In the following instances, the system creates an individual dependent requirement record in addition to a total dependent requirement record: