MRP: Defining the Document Type for Purchase Requisitions


The document type of a purchase requisition created in MRP can be defined in Cutomizing for MRP.

The document type of the purchase requisition has no control purpose in MRP. It is displayed in the MRP list or the stock/requirements list for

information purposes only.

Change system parameters in customizing

In step, Define external procurement, you can define the document type for the purchase requisitions specific to MRP groups. The system uses the appropriate document type when creating a purchase requisition in MRP or when coverting planned orders into purchase requisitions. You can choose from the following document types:

Purchase requisitions for direct production are always created with the document type, standard purchase order (NB).

You assign the MRP group to the material in the material master record.

Dependent functions

To set document types in MRP, you must have created the document types desired for the purchase requisitions in addition to the standard type NB in Customizing for Purchasing under Purchase Requisitions.

Further notes

It is usually not necessary to enter document types. If no document type has been entered, the system uses document type NB to create purchase requisitions.