Customers and Vendors in the MRP and Stock/Requirements Lists


As of 4.0, the system displays the MRP list and the stock/requirements list using table control. This makes it possible to view more columns than previously possible in the overview. You can choose to display or hide each column by adjusting the column width with the cursor.

You can change the order of the columns by dragging and dropping a column and you can adjust the width by dragging the column border. You can save your display settings and choose them again later.

The following columns are new for version 4.0 in the MRP and stock/requirements list:

In a stock transfer between two plants, the stock in transit is the quantity of material that is in transport to the receiving plant. The system only displays the stock in transit at the receiving plant for a stock transport order.

The following columns are displayed if you choose the corresponding function key:

The display of the detailed header has also changed in 4.0. The system displays the master data and transaction data for a material according to topics in individual screens. The system displays the categories as files in a filing cabinet with tabs and you can choose any order for displaying the categories. The system separates consumption values into planned and unplanned consumption.