Production orders (PP-SFC): Overview 4.0A


In this release note you get a short overview of the new and changed functions in production orders (PP-SFC) for 4.0A.

You can find more detailed information in the referenced release notes.

New functions

The confirmation processes can be decoupled from the creation of
confirmations online.
By partially reducing planned orders you can split planned orders into partial quantities that are each dealt with in their own production orders.
With this new function you have the option of determining the special stock category, the valuation category and the production storage location of requirements.
You can automatically create a batch for the material to be manufactured
Automatic goods receipt for the material manufactured can also be triggered by the production control profile.
The processing of work time events from Logistics takes place asynchronously in HR. With this interface you can use HR and Logistics in different (distributed) systems.
With the progress confirmation you can create confirmations where preceding operations are simultaneously automatically confirmed.
With the function Recalculating actual costs confirmations can be reprocessed where actual cost determination finished with an error.

Changed functions

In the Availability check on collective conversion of planned orders you have various control options with respect to the conversion to production orders.
You receive tools and templates to make adjustment of order printing simpler.
The partial printing of production orders is realized using selection criteria.
In print control the sign '*' is used as a wildcard.
Generating transport requirements can also be used for partially released orders.
The user exit storage location determination/backflushing was enhanced.