Changes to order printing


For 4.0A there are the following changes:

You will receive simpler tools and new templates for creating print programs. They show the options for displaying layout formation of SAPscript. The following objectives are achieved in this way:
The function modules of the function group COPRINT facilitate procurement of data and a clear structuring of print programs. The functionality of modules is described in the attached documentation (see SE37).
As an example of the use of the function group the standard system contains the print program PSFC_OBJECT_LIST . This print program uses the layout set PSFC_PRINT_LAY. This layout set is a new form of the object list. It shows examples of the use of graphical elements in print lists (frames, lines, including logos).
There is no longer a distinction between partial and original printing. Partially printed orders are located using selection criteria.
In print control in Customizing key fields are masked with a '*' instead of filling the fields with an 'X'.