Logistics/HR Integration: Communication Channel 2 (PDC)


In Releases 3.0/3.1, you could only record and process work time events for specific persons (communication channel KK2, plant data collection) if Logistics and HR were run in the same system.

As of Release 4.0A, Logistics and HR can be run in separate (distributed) systems.

This has required changes to the data model, and the functions and handling of the interface have also changed:

Up until now, the work time events were posted to HR and Logistics simultaneously, the HR actual times were calculated immediately and used to updated orders in Logistics.

As of Release 4.0A, processing in HR is not simultaneous. Logistics updates the actual times on the basis of the machine shift schedules. Background jobs are scheduled to transfer the work time events to HR where they are processed in order to pay the employees. Processing in HR is started using the report Posting of Work Time Events from KK2 (SAPCDT46). You cannot transfer HR actual times to Logistics in Release 4.0A.

Software/hardware requirements

You must have a Release 4.0 version of both the Logistics system and the HR system.

Installation information

If you still want to use this function in an integrated system, run the report HR-TIM: KK2 Fill TEVEN_MORE from AFRU (RPU40A17) to supply data to table TEVEN_MORE. Up until now, the data was read from the Logistics table AFRU and formatted from the operation data.

If you plan to use the function in distributed systems in the future, start the above report after the release upgrade but before the distribution.

If necessary, the report can also be started in the HR system after the distribution. In this case, there is a remote access to the Logistics system. The logical system must be specified as one of the report parameters.

Change system parameters in customizing

Schedule report SAPCDT46.

Further notes