KANBAN: Automatic Calculation of Kanban Circulation in the Control Cycle


Significant parameters for production control with KANBAN include:

You use these parameters to define material circulation and material stock. By optimizing these parameters, you can reduce inventory levels to a minimum. The aim is to guarantee material replenishment with the lowest possible inventory. As the inventory situation in many branches of industry fluctuates considerably, it is necessary to check and adjust these parameters on a regular basis.

You can use the the dependent requirements quantities in a specific period from long-term planning or from operative MRP as the basis for the calculation of the kanban quantity and the number of kanbans required.

Using this information, the system creates proposals for changing the circulation data in the control cycle.

The system's proposals are displayed in a list. For each control cycle, the system displays the number of kanbans or the kanban quantity calculated as well as the date on which the next change should be made to the circulation data in the control cycle. The system also calcualtes a maximum and a minimum value for the number of kanbans and the kanban quantity. A graphic display is also available as additional support for interpreting the data.

You can accept the change proposals directly in this list.

The kanban calculation is available online and it can also be carried out in the background.

You maintain the parameters required for the calculation (for example, whether the number of kanbans or the kanban quantity is to be calculated) in the control cycle and in a calculation profile in Customizing for KANBAN.

Change system parameters in customizing

To simplify the maintenance of the control cycle data, you can maintain a profile with the calculation parameters in Customizing for KANBAN.