Master Recipes: Enhanced Authorization Check


As of Release 4.0A, the authorization check in the master recipe has been enhanced as follows:

In Customizing for master recipes, you can activate the enhanced authorization check for deleting. Users then require the delete authorization for master recipes (authorization object C_ROUT, activity 06) to be able to carry out the following transactions:
If you do not activate the authorization check in Customizing, users only require the change authorization for recipes as before.
When you call the recipe list or evaluate recipe changes, the system only displays the recipes for which you have the display authorization (authorization object C_ROUT , task list type 2, activity 03 for plant, usage, and status of the recipe).
If the system selects recipes during the evaluation that cannot be displayed because you do not have the authorization, a message is generated informing you about the number of recipes that are not displayed.
When creating or deleting a material/recipe allocation in the standard system, you still need the authorization for changing the master recipe (authorization object C_ROUT, activity 02).
As of Release 4.0A, can also use the SAP enhancement XCZD0004 to implement your own authorization check.
To be able to create or change a production version from within the recipe, you require the authorization:
Define general control parameters
Develop enhancements for master recipes
If you have activated the delete authorization, this also applies to users who delete master recipes, and operations or phases.
Authorization Management