Process Messages on Material Flow Between Process Orders


As of Release 4.0A, you can use the new process message category PI_MFLOW to reproduce material flows between process orders.


A material (for example, bulk material) is manufactured in an order and is immediately used as an input material in another order where it is further processed (for example, filled).
The following transactions must be posted for the two orders:

Both postings are to be carried out together when the first or second order is executed.


Using message category PI_MFLOW (destination PI12), you can trigger all postings in one message.

You record the following actual quantities in the message:

The message destination processes the message as follows:

For more information on how the message is processed, see the R/3 Library for Process Management under Process Messages -> R/3 Integration Using Process Messages -> Material Flow Postings Betweeen Process Orders.

The standard system contains several examples for process instructions for process message category PI_MFLOW in the SAP reference client.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to use the new message category, first carry out the following IMG activities:

1. Transport the standard characteristics to your client.
Transport predefined characteristics
2. Release characteristics group PPPI_03 for use in process messages and process instructions.
Release characteristics groups for process messages
Release characteristics groups for process instructions
3. Transport message destination PI12 and message category PI_MFLOW from the SAP reference client to your client in a Customizing transport, and copy them to your plants.
Set up message destination
Set up process message categories
Copy predefined message categories
Copy settings between plants
4. Create process date requests for message category PI_MFLOW or transport the sample process instruction categories from the SAP reference client to your client and copy them to your plants.
Define process instruction categories (general)
Define PI categories for R/3 PI sheet using PI assistant
Define PI categories for R/3 PI sheet using char. overview
Copy settings between plants