Process Management: Enhanced Authorization Check


As of Release 4.0A, the authorization check for process management has been enhanced as follows:

The new activity A9 (send) has been defined in the authorization object C_MESS_WRK (process message - plant).
When sending a process message, the system now checks whether this authorization is contained in the user master record of the user who:
The new authorization object C_CREX_WRK (external execution of control recipes) has been defined for control recipe processing by non-SAP systems.
The system checks activity 90 (transfer) for this authorization object when a non-SAP system requests control recipes for download. This authorization must be maintained in the user master record that is used to log on to the R/3 System when executing the Remote Function Call (RFC).

Change system parameters in customizing

The enhanced authorization check may make it necessary for you to revise the authorization of those users in your system who

Authorization Management