Process Instruction Assistant


As of Release 4.0A, you can maintain process instructions and process instruction categories for the R/3 PI sheet using the process instruction assistant.

The process instruction assistant offers specific selection screens and prompts for every process instruction type, leading you through process instruction definition. The entries in the process instruction assistant focus on content and do not require any knowledge of process instruction characteristics and how they are used. The system creates the characteristic structure of the process instruction when you exit the assistant.

You can use the process instruction assistant as follows:

If you want to continue maintaining process instructions on the characteristic overview, you can access it from the overview of process instructions or process instruction categories as before.

Notes on maintaining existing process instructions:

Procedure in the master recipe and process order:

To maintain process instructions using the PI assistant, proceed as follows:

1. Call the process instruction overview for a phase.
2. Select the process instruction you want to maintain.
3. Choose PI assistant.

For more information on how to work with the process instruction assistant, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Process Management under Process Instructions -> Define PI categories for R/3 PI sheet using PI assistant.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to use the process instruction assistant, transport the standard characteristics to your client again.
Transport predefined characteristics

In Customizing for process instruction categories, the process instruction assistant has been included in the same view from which you also jump to the characteristic overview.
For documentation purposes however, a separate activity was included in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Process Management. The documentation for this activity describes how the process instruction assistant works.
Define PI categories for R/3 PI sheet using PI assistant