PI Sheet: Batch Determination and Batch Check


As of Release 4.0A, you can also use batch determination and batch check when recording material consumptions in the PI sheet.

In general, the process of batch determination and check in the PI sheet is identical to that in the order. For more information, see the R/3 Library for Process Orders under Material List Components -> Classifying Material List Components.

Note, however, the special features of batch determination and check in the PI sheet described in the following sections:


The following prerequisites are valid for batch determination and check:

The unit of measurement must be identical to the base unit of measure or alternative unit of measure.
The SAP reference client contains several examples for process instruction categories that are suitable for batch determination.

You must also activate the batch check for your order types in Customizing for Process Orders.

Batch check: process

1. You enter the material number and batch number in the PI sheet.
2. You position the cursor on the process instruction and choose Environment -> Batch -> Check.
3. The system checks whether the batch you have entered matches the selection criteria for batch determination.
The system does not check availability.
4. If the batch does not match the selection criteria, the system either generates an error or warning message depending on the Customizing settings.
If an error message is issued, the batch number you have entered is not transferred to the PI sheet.

Batch determination: process

1. You enter the material quantity, position the cursor on the process instruction and choose Environment -> Batch -> Find.
2. The system searches for batches that match the selection criteria.
3. the system carries out an availability check for the batches it has found.
To do so, the system uses the checking rule for the order release. If it has not been maintained, the system uses the checking rule for the order creation. If none of the settings has been made, the check is canceled and an error message issued.
See also Notes on the availability check below.
4. Using the batch search strategy, the system determines the sequence and proposes a quantity for the available batches, and displays the batches.
5. You enter the quantities you want to use for the available batches and transfer the data to the PI sheet.
In simple data requests, you can only transfer one batch.
In repeated data requests, you can carry out a batch split. The number of batches you select must not exceed the maximum number of table lines.

Notes on the availability check

If you transfer a batch to the PI sheet manually or by using batch determination, the system does not create or update a reservation. Batch assignment can only be taken into account in the availability check after the goods issue has been posted, that is, after the corresponding process message has been sent successfully.
For this reason, batch selection may be incorrect in the following cases:

For this, make sure that data is confirmed as quickly as possible and process messages are sent immediately when you create and maintain your PI sheets.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to use the batch check, activate it for your order types.
Define order type-dependent parameters