Process Data Documentation: Changes in 4.0A


As of Release 4.0A, the following changes are valid with regard to process data documentation:

The following terms have been added or changed:
Record containing all quality-relevant planned and actual data on the production of a batch. This record is available as of Release 4.0A; see release note Process Data Documentation: Batch Record .
New term for the order-related record, which used to be called process data documentation.
Generic term for the batch record and order record.
To comply with the requirements stipulated in the guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), another print list has been included in the order record. The new print list contains data of the incoming inspection lot for the incoming inspection (post-process control).
Note that only one incoming inspection lot may have been created for the order.
In the material master of the material to be produced, you can specify that only one incoming inspection lot may be created (see Lots for MatDocItem field in the inspection data for the incoming inspection).
The structure and contents of the print lists for inspection lots has been revised. They now contain inspection specifications and inspection results.
The print lists for PI sheets have been enhanced as follows:

Change system parameters in customizing

The IMG activity Define user list has been deleted and replaced by the new activity Develop enhancements for process data documentation. Using the new activity, you can develop the user list as a customer enhancement. This means that it will not be overwritten by release upgrades.

For more information on the changes in the IMG structure, see the release note Changes in the SAP Reference IMG for "Production Planning - Process Industries".