Process Data Documentation: Batch Record


As of Release 4.0A, you can archive a batch record in process data documentation. This record contains all quality-relevant planned and actual data on the production of a batch.

The structure and contents of the batch record comply with international standards defined in the guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Customer-specific enhancements can be developed.

The batch record is stored in an optical archive where it cannot be manipulated. Users with a special authorization can then approve the batch record by executing a digital signature.

If required, you can specify in the material master (Work Scheduling view), that the following transactions may only be carried out for materials after the batch record has been approved:

For more information on the batch record, see the R/3 Library SAP ArchiveLink - Scenarios in Applications .


The order-related record that used to be called "process data documentation" is still available in Release 4.0A. However, it has been renamed and is now called "order record". The term "process data documentation" is now used as a generic term for the order record and batch record. For more information on the changes in the order record, see the release note Process Data Documentation: Changes in 4.0A .

Installation information

Using the ArchiveLinke interface, you must link the systems you want to use for optical archiving to process data documentation of the R/3 System.
For more information, see the R/3 Library BC - SAP ArchiveLink as well as Customizing for Process Management, section Batch Recors.

Change system parameters in customizing

To be able to archive batch records, you must make the corresponding settings in Customizing for Process Data Documentation:
Batch Record
Develop enhancements for process data documentation
Authorization Management