Debit-Side Billing Plan for WBS Element


From Release 4.0, you can create a billing plan for each billing element in a project.

With the billing plan, you can plan dates for outgoing invoices and debit-side down payment request in your projects and simulation versions. You stipulate the following for each date in the billing plan:

The system defaults the currency from the billing element company code for the billing plan, but you can maintain the billing plan in a different currency if you wish. You can enter a rate for translation into company code currency for each item.

Planned revenues and payments are derived from the billing plan automatically and are recorded unter the commercial transaction PSFP in the billing element.

Changes to the interface

In WBS element maintenance, the menu item Extras now includes a billing plan option.

Further notes

Plan values from the billing plans in the WBS and sales documents are not offset, but are added to each other. If required, go to the Project System Implementation Guide and switch off the automatic update of plan values from assigned sales and distribution documents.