Deriving the Hierarchy from the WBS Element Numbers


The hierarchy of a work breakdown structure can be automatically derived from the numbers of its WBS elements. You can enter new WBS elements at level 1 and then arrange them in the work breakdown structure by choosing Project-> Derive structure -> Execute. The WBS element with the shortest number is placed on level 1. Every further WBS element is then arranged in the subordinate hierarchy levels according to its number.


Editing screen: P-XXX-XX-XX

WBS element number Level superior element
P-001 1
P-001-AA 2 P-001
P-001-AA-01 3 P-001-AA

If the hierarchy cannot be derived, the system ask you to check the structure. Choose Project -> Derive structure -> Check and you receive a message that gives you the reasons for the error.

Change system parameters in customizing

The prerequisite for deriving a hierarchy is that you have maintained an editing mask in Customizing for the project definition and its WBS elements.

Further notes

Prerequisites for successfully deriving a hierarchy: