The following new features for networks have been included in Release 4.0A:

You can display all network and standard network lists with your own settings - you can choose which columns are displayed, in which order and how wide they are. These settings can be saved for each user independently.
Overviews and detail screens, which you had to call up from seperate submenus previously, are now clearly displayed on tab pages.
You can enter a purchasing info record for both externally processed activities and externally procurred components. The purchasing data can be copied from the purchasing info record to the component.
This data takes the validity period into account, for instance for price information. You can, however, prevent the system updating the data if, for instance, a date is changed, by setting an indicator.
The stock for a WBS element or a sales order can be either valuated or non-valuated. Valuated stock enables the planned costs for components to be displayed early in the network. For more information refer to the release note Valuated Project Stock
For more information about execution factors refer to the release notes Execution Factor in the Network Header and Assembly Processing with Networks/projects.
In the overview tree you can display a network together with all its objects.
You can display additional information about the structure, for instance, dates or allocations.
By double-clickig on an object you can go to the corresponding detail screen directly.