Valuated Project Stock


From Release 4.0A, you can manage valuated project stock. All goods movements relating to the valuated project stock lead to matching postings in Financial accounts. Goods issues lead to a reduction in stock and goods receipts lead to an increase.

The quantity and value flow in valuated project stock agrees with make-to-stock production.

When you work with valuated project stock, all the actual costs are shown in the production order, in contrast to the situation when the project stock is not valuated. This means you can calculate the following separately in the production order:

All actual costs from external procurement are recorded in the project. Price differences are also assigned to the stock-bearing WBS element, provided you have maintained a cost element for the account.

Planned costs are generated for project stock components in the network costing or production order costing.

The postings in stock accounts can be posted as statistical actual costs in WBS elements (for statistical purposes).

Further notes

You can use the controlling data in the project to determined whether stock is managed on a valuated basis, on a non-valuated basis, or not at all. You take the settings for the project stock as a default value from the project profile, or from the standard project. The default value from the profile can be overwritten when you create a project, but not after you have saved the project for the first time.

Maintain project profile

Planned cost values for the valuated project stock of network components are calculated using the asynchronous network costing.