Material in the Project System


The following new features concerning material in the Project System have been introduced in Release 4.0A:

Via the Address number, Customer or Vendor you can use the following existing addresses:
Furthermore, if, for third party orders, several material components are to be delivered to the same address, you can use the last confirmed address for the next components by choosing Insert previous.
If you enter an address that does not yet exist in the R/3 System it is stored in the central address manangement.
In connection with delivery from the Project System, you can now maintain delivery information for a project, WBS element, network, activity or material component. For example:
It is also possible to overwrite, for instance, the higher-level delivery information for individual material components.
You can store frequently used combinations of settings for the procurement of components. The indicator summarizes:
You can now enter a lead time or a follow-up time in regard to the start date or finish dat for an activity, that is taken into account when calculating requirement dates for components. The offset can also be entered in the BOM item.
Wfhen you add a material component to a network, the system checks whether the general data on the details screen has been entered.
This check takes place in the background, if the component is being added in dialog.

Change system parameters in customizing

You define the procurement indicator in Customizing the Project System.

Effect on batch input

In order to check whether in Batch Input the general data on the details screen has also been entered while adding component, it is necessary for customers, who use Batch Input for component maintenance, to edit the screen no. 2710.

Changes to the interface

To maintain delivery information choose Project management -> Operative structures -> Delivery information .