New Features in the Interest Calculation


The interest calculation has been completely overhauled for Release 4.0A. The following new functions are available:

The system generates a source document for each interest postings; you can evaluate the document in the information system.
You can cancel interest runs. If you want to cancel interest postings made some time ago, you cancel postings in the reverse order to that in which they were made; that is, you cancel the most recent interest run first.
To improve system performance in interest runs, you can calculated interest based on totals records. The period values for the interest run are dated the middle of a period. To make the settings which determined whether the interest run is based on line items or totals records, go to the Project System Implementation Guide and work the step Create interest profile.
You can use hierarchy processing in the interest calculation to stipulate:
Automatic derivation
Separate derivation
No interest calculation
You make the relevant settings in the Project System Implementation Guide. Access the detail screen in the step Create interest profile.
If you have maintained more than one interest indicator for the interest profile, you stipulate the interest relevance of value categories for an interest profile/interest indicator combination.
You can use these settings to, for example, stipulate separate control of cost and payments without resort to customer enhancement KPSHZIN2 (Check line items).
Define interest relevance for value categories.
You can calculate interest for:
a) Individual objects and the hierarchy below them, including all assigned orders
b) A number of objects and the hierarchy below them including all assigned orders
Collective processing is only possible in background processing.
The new enhancement KPSHZIN4 (Interest result) is available. You can use it to control the interest result update or the transfer of interest result data to external systems.

Change system parameters in customizing

The following steps in the Project System Implementation Guide have been overhauled:

You use the detail screen in this step to define the control paramters for hierarchy processing and the basis values for the interest calculation.
In this step, you define the interest relevanc of value categories for a combination of an interest profile and an interest indicator.

Changes to the interface

Further notes

If you are changing to Release 4.0A from an earlier release, there is no need to change any of your settings.

The system contains the following standard settings: