Changes in Project Cash Management


From Release 4.0A, Project Cash Management includes the following new features:

Project postings and plan values are recorded in Project Cash Management in the controlling area currency, object currency, and transaction currency.
From Release 4.0A, financial data is no longer recorded in FM area currency in the Project System. Old data is not converted in the standard system.
If, before 4.0A, you have used different currencies in the FM area and controlling area, run program RPSCMCUR. You can use this program to check whether your database needs to be converted and, if required, to translate the currencies in the database tables.
Purchase requisitions assigned to the project and orders for the project are shown as a payment commitment in the Project Information System. The payment commitment is reduced by the payment obligations arising from purchase orders.
In the case of purchase requisitions entered before 4.0 or before you activated project cash management, you can post the payment obligations using program RKANBU01.

Further notes

Puchase requisitions triggered from an MRP run do not generate a payment commitment.