Calculating the Planned Payment Flow in Projects


From Release 4.0, the planned payment flow for a project can be derived automatically from detailed project planning.

Planned down payments and down payment clearings are recorded under the new value type 6A; planned payments continue to be recorded under value type 62. Planned payments calculated automatically can be updated by day.

Debit-Side Planned Payment Flow

You can enter a billing plan for a billing element in your WBS. The system then generates planned payments in the WBS element automatically.

The data is recorded under commercial transaction PSFP.

Credit-Side Planned Payment Flow

The planned payment flow is derived from the planned data for activity-assigned networks. Choose Project management -> Planning -> Finances -> Network costing. For detailed planning, you can maintain planned outgoing payments in an activity-assigned network using an invoicing plan. The following data is included in the calculation:

Specifications from the invoicing plan for the activity

The data is recorded under the commercial transaction KPPP. Calculation of credit-side plan payments is not supported for WBS elements or activity-assigned networks.


Activate Project Cash Management in Company Code

Changes to the interface

To access the network costing for the credit-side planned financial data, go the Planning menu and choose Finances -> Network costing auf.

Further notes

Planned payments from billing plans in the WBS and from sales documents are not offset, but are added on. To change this, execute the step Financial budget update from sales order . in the Project System Implementation Guide.