Project Planning: Simulation


In Release 4.0A you can save simulation versions of a new or existing project so that you can simulate how changes will effect it.

You will be able to simulate changes to:

When you create a simulation for an existing project, the system transfers the relevant data into a project version which you can then work with.

You can create a new simaulation version without having an operative project .

If you have created several simulations of the same project you can decide which version you would like to transfer to the operative project. The system automatically inactivates the other simulation versions.

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing for simulation you determine:

Specify keys for project versions
Maintain simulation profile
Authorization Check

Changes to the interface

You access the simulation functions in the Project System by choosing Logistics -> Project management -> Planning -> Project -> Simulation or Operative Structures -> Project Simulation

Further notes

Time-dependent or status-dependent project versions cannot be used for simulations.