New Features in Commercial Reporting


Release 4.0A includes the following changes in commerical reporting:

Hierarchy Reports (formerly called structure reports)

Choose Edit -> Hierarchy -> Selection to choose the report display hierarchy.
You have the following options for evaluating versions in the hierarchy reports:
You can enter a status selection profile (which you have already created) in the selection screen. This might mean, for exampel, that only released WBS elements are evaluated.

Cost Element Reports

You can specify a particular date for selection of time-dependent master data, for example, in cost centers.
You can access all the functions using the menu bar. For example, choose Tools to changes selection criteria such as the status selection profile and the database profile.
You can create variants for cost element reports. This means that you can enter any selection you wish for batch processing too.
To be able to access all the reports in your system, you must carry out the following steps:
You can access all the new reports by entering 6PP*.
The extract management facility in Report Painter/Report Writer has been expanded.

Line Item Reports

The system automatically notes which line item report is to be called from a hierarchy report or cost element report. If more that one is possible, the system displays a selection list.

New Reports

The following new reports are delivered: