4.0A Development in IPA


There are a number of major new developments, changes and enhancements
to the International Planning and Administration (IPA) product for release 4.0A:

For detailed information on changes in each component, see the relevant release notes.

Compensation Management

This offers a comprehensive method for planning and administering your organization's compensation policies. It incorporates:

The Planned Compensation infotype has been changed and refined.


This component now offers a flexible user interface and numerous functional developments to enhance your company's ability to administer employees' benefits plans:

Career and Succession Planning

With the new changes, you can now:

Organizational Management

There are a number of new developments, including:

There are also various enhancements in Simple Maintenance and changes to the user interface.

Personnel Administration

In this component, you can now:

Personnel Cost Planning

This component has undergone changes:

Personnel Development

This component - which includes Qualifications and
Requirements and the Career and Succession Planning - has been completely revised.

Changes to Personnel Development include:

Qualifications and Requirements

With the new or changed functions you can now:


There have been a number of changes and new developments in this
component, including:

General Changes Personnel Management

General changes include:

Payroll Country Versions

Changes to the following payroll country versions include: