Changes to Planned Compensation Infotype


The Planned Compensation infotype has been enhanced and changed in the following areas:

Planned Compensation Type

You can now choose from three planned compensation types:

Integration with Basic Pay Infotype

The data contained in the Planned Compensation infotype is used to suggest default values for the Basic Pay infotype record.

You can now use the Planned Compensation infotype to compare amounts entered for the planned compensation type pay grade with the amounts entered in the Basic Pay infotype.

Code for Unit of Time

The codes for the unit of time have been changed and now have different meanings. If you perform an upgrade from 3.0x/3.1x to 4.0A, these codes are automatically converted by a conversion report.


If you continue to use codes 6 and 7, you will need to check these entries in the new system and maintain them accordingly.

For further information, refer to the documentation on the infotype contained in the Compensation Management online documentation.