Change in English HR Terminology for 4.0A


Within the Human Resources Management System, a number of terminology changes have been implemented for release 4.0A. These changes represent new English terms that have been chosen to replace old terms.

Up to Release 3.0x/3.1x As of Release 4.0A

personnel event personnel action
applicant event applicant action
applicant action applicant activity
applicant action type applicant activity type
dynamic event dynamic action
event-driven action-driven
company/corporate/corporation enterprise
month balance period balance
monthly factor period factor
monthly factoring method period factoring method
payroll month payroll period
retroactive accounting month retroactive accounting period
original month original period
previous month's claim previous period's claim
subsequent month subsequent period
business trip management travel management

The reasons for changing event to action and month to period are as follows:

Event to Action

The term "event" is a core SAP Workflow term that is now appearing in the Human Resource Management System. We were, therefore, required to change our own terminology to avoid serious terminology conflicts with SAP Workflow. This change meant that we also had to change the term "applicant action" to "applicant activity".

Month to Period

Changing the term "month" to "period" was essential to make the Human Resources Management System more international. In Germany, payroll accounting and time management activities are performed on a monthly basis, but this is not the case in other countries. Period is a more generic term.