Logical database for applicant master data


Up to now, you could not use either a logical database or ABAP queries to evaluate the applicant data in the Recruitment component. In the case of customer-defined reports, customers had to program many aspects of data access and retrieval themselves.

Release 4.0A contains a logical database for the Recruitment component. This logical database

An event (get applicant) has been included in the reports in question. This event is called once for every applicant number selected.

When data is being retrieved from the logical database, the infotypes Applications (4001), Organizational Assignment (0001) and Applicant Actions (4000) are read. The corresponding fields for these infotypes have been provided as standard selection criteria. The logical database selects applicants who meet the criteria specified, and processes the "get applicant" event for each individual applicant. At this point, the infotype tables named have been filled with data. The logical database also retrieves all of the infotypes defined in the infotype statement (exception: mode 'N').