Enhancements Recruitment Japan


The approach of recruiting and hiring in western companies and Japanese companies shows significant differences. While western companies in general issue vacancies via external or internal advertising instruments and start the hiring process from that point, Japanese companies tend to hire almost 100% of their new comers once a year on a special date (usually April 1st for university graduates).

These new comers are directly hired from the university or school, so that additional functionality for handling with school information was required.

Change system parameters in customizing


The user parameter for the Japanese user group must be maintained to use the new functionality (UGR = '22').

Infotype Education (0022)

Customizing is required to

In the screen for maintaining education information, there are additional fields to enter the school code, the faculty and the department. In case you want to enter an educational institution for which you did not maintain a school code, you have the following options:

- maintain the school code in the corresponding table

- do not enter a school code but only a school name -> the school

code field will become an output field

After defining your user parameter for Japan, you have three additional select options on the selection screen for the Reports "Applicants by name" and "Applicant statistics".
In those you can enter the educational establishment types, educational institutions or faculties of the applicants that you want to select.

Changes in procedure

Whereas before release 4.0A the educational institute/location was entered as text in infotype 22, there is now the additional option to maintain the institute with a school code in the school information table. This maintenance is mandatory if you want to run applicant reports RPAPL001 and RPAPL005 with a selection for school information.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to store faculty information for the applicant/employee. Those entries must be maintained in the corresponding table.

Dependent functions

The changes in infotype Education (0022) do not only apply to applicant's master data, but also for employees' master data.

Further notes

You have the possibility to set up a school dependent screen. Please refer to Determine screen modification . This could be required,for example, if you don't want to display the faculty in the case you maintain senior high schools.