Integration of external applicant administration systems


This release includes an interface which allows external applicant systems to exchange data with the SAP HR module.

If you have a system that uses the interface, you can add the function 'Hiring from a non-SAP system' in fast entries in the R/3 System. From the fast entry menu, you can go to transaction PA48, which allows you to hire the applicants that have been transferred.

Change system parameters in customizing

In the table of employee actions (transaction SM30, view T529A), add the action RA 'Hiring from a non-SAP system'. You should leave all attributes blank, particularly the function character (FUNCH) should be 0.

In the 'Action reason' view (V_T530), maintain the reasons for the action.

In the 'Action menu' view (V_588B_M) in the 'Fast entry menu' (02), add the action RA. Only when this has been done, can you call the interface via the menu path Human resources -> Personnel Management -> Administration -> HR master data -> Fast entry - Actions.