Effects of the new longer fields on the maintenance of features


The length of certain fields has changed in release 4.0A. This also includes fields which SAP uses in standard features. The length of fields in customer-specific features may also have changed.

The old lengths of these fields are listed in the structure RSOLDLENG , the new lengths in the structure RSNEWLENG.

Since the length of all affected fields was extended, problems can occur when features are maintained. Features that were correct and could be generated in release 3.0 are now incorrect and cannot be generated. In some cases, you may also not be able to enter the entire field contents because the field is only 18 characters in length (VARGU in T549B, VARGU in T549C).

The length of fields in SAP standard features with this problem has been extended. However, the length of fields in customer-specific features must still be changed.

The fields most frequently affected by this length problem are fields which refer to program names (e.g. REPID) or the OK code (e.g. TCODE or FCODE).

Changes in procedure

Enter the required field length directly after the field (without a blank) in parentheses. If the field contents are longer, also enter this length.

Proceed as shown below in the SAP standard feature LLREP:



After (as of release 4.0A):