New user interface layout in Personnel Administration


1. To simplify display and maintenance of HR master data, the layout of the following initial Personnel Administration screens was changed in release 4.0A:
The infotype selection list now appears in a table control with a vertical scroll bar.
2. You can now access the infotype menus for the Display HR Master Data (PA20) and Maintain HR Master Data (PA30) screens using tab pages. This makes it easier to intuitively choose the right menu. The PMN parameter (HR master data infotype menu) is no longer used in release 4.0A.
3. List output of infotype records has been improved through the use of the table control.
Please note the following:
Infotype menu entries no longer appear in the same order as in release 3.0, a change which has resulted from the new user interface layout.
You can restore the old order using the
New Sort for PA20 and PA30 Menus program (RPUT588B).
Start report program RPUT588B
Please also note that screen number 1000 is still used when batch input sessions are processed.
4. Certain country versions (Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada, Australa) could, up to now, be called from the initial Maintain HR Master Data screen (PA30) using the following functions in the 'Environment' menu:
These functions were eliminated in release 4.0A.
They have been replaced by the new Compensation Management component. For more information, please read the release note on Compensation Management.
5. As of release 4.0A, you can call an employee directly from HR Master Data Maintenance screens using SAPphone . You no longer need to search for and dial telephone numbers - the employee is just a few mouse clicks away.
Before you can use this function, you must make the necessary settings for the client, work center and user.
Only when these settings have been made, is the dialing function active. If not, the system only displays the telephone numbers stored for the employee in the system.