Periodicity of basic pay changed


The periodicity of basic pay was defined up to now in the "Assign Pay Scale -> Time Unit" view (V_T510F_C) if the feature U510F was set accordingly. Otherwise, the periodicity was assumed to be monthly.

The following changes have been made in release 4.0A:

1. The periodicity has been technically moved to the "Pay Scale -> Period Parameter Assignment" view (T510W).
The periodicity is no longer based on the time unit but on the period parameter. Conversion is carried out automatically during the release upgrade ("XPRA"). However, the time unit to period parameter assignment is not always clear-cut. New table entries (T510W) must therefore be checked if a warning message appears in the conversion log.
2. The feature U510F is no longer evaluated. The periodicity is assumed to be monthly if no entry exists in the "Pay Scale -> Period Parameter Assignment" view (T510W).

Further notes

More information on the periodicity of basic pay can be found in the Implementation Guide (IMG) in the Set up payroll period for collective agreement provision activity of Personnel Administration .