HR: New check table for HR infotypes


The Infotypes - Dialog/Database Assignment table (T777D) is the check table (INFOTYP domain) for all HR infotypes (master data and planning infotypes) as of release 4.0A. The names of all infotype-dependent repository objects (tables, structures, programs, etc.) are stored in this table.

The Infotypes - Enhancement to T777D table (T77ID) is a supplement to table T777D in which you can store additional information on each infotype.

The Infotypes - Customer-Specific Settings table (T582A) is still the place where customers can store their own settings for master data infotypes. As of release 4.0A, this table is assigned delivery class C ; this means that customer settings are no longer overwritten.

Release 4.0A also has a new table for customer settings for planning infotypes. This is the Infotypes - Customer-Specific Settings table (T77CD).

The conversion program RPU40A75 creates an entry in tables T777D and T77ID for all customer-specific master data infotypes in T582A. This report program is run as an XPRA during the 4.0 upgrade.

Since T582A is client-dependent and T777D is not, postprocessing of master data infotypes in T777D may be required in certain cases. During conversion only the T582A entry in the first client is transferred to T777D. If this entry is different from those in other clients (see conversion log) and these differences should be taken into account in T777D, you must make the necessary changes in this table following conversion.

The new fields in table T777D are filled in all customer planning infotypes, and an entry is created in table T77ID for each infotype provided that the infotype has an HRInnnn structure for infotype-specific data. The entries in table T582A are not changed during the conversion procedure.

Customer-specific report programs which, up to now, interpreted specific fields in table T582A must read the corresponding fields in table T777D as of release 4.0A. These are:

Old field New field Meaning
T582A-DNAME T777D-DIALG Dialog module
T582A-PNNNN T777D-PPNNN Structure
T582A-DBIDN T777D-DBTAB Database table for
employee infotypes and/or
T777D-APTAB Database table for
applicant infotypes
T582A-NAMST T777D-NAMST Name of subtype field
T582A-STYPT T777D-STYPT Name of subtype table
T582A-SYTXT T777D-SYTXT Name of text table
T582A-ZBTAB T777D-ZBTAB Name of time constraint table
T582A-KFAST T777D-KFAST Indicator: Fast entry allowed
T582A-INFKN T777D-INFKN Indicator:Infotype/view/additional infotype
T582A-ZRMKZ T777D-ZRMKZ Time period indicator

These fields will be deleted from table T582A in a later release.