Enhancement of the infotype copy function in Personnel Planning

Enhancement of the infotype copy function in Personnel Planning


1. Automatic generation of language-dependent infotypes and table infotypes

The infotype copy function in Personnel Planning (transaction PPCI) could up to now only be used to generate infotypes which are not language-dependent. As of release 4.0, the infotype copy function can also generate language-dependent infotypes and table infotypes.

The new infotype copy function in release 4.0 enables you to automatically generate the following types of infotypes:

1. Conversion of user-specific infotypes in transparent tables

User-specific infotypes in transparent tables which up to release 4.0A could only be converted with report program RHUMST30 can now also be converted using the infotype copy function.

1. Automatic transport connection

All generated repository objects are assigned to a transport request according to the development class of the structure created by the user.

The automatic transport connection is deactivated when the user creates the structure in development class $tmp. In this case, the generated objects are only created locally; the transport functionality of the infotype copy program is the same as in previous versions.

1. Automatic generation of screen fields

As of release 4.0A screen fields are generated automatically. Users only need to adapt the layout to their requirements.

1. Automatic creation of IDoc segments

As of release 4.0A, IDoc segments are generated automatically for each infotype. This enables the electronic exchange of structured business data.

1. Automatic creation of Batch-Input sessions ??