Ad Hoc Query in Personnel Management

Ad Hoc Query in Personnel Management


The Ad Hoc Query is a high-performance tool for reporting on data in Personnel Management. It is easy-to-use and covers a wide range of applications.

The Ad Hoc Query is divided into two steps.

In the first step, you select personnel numbers according to one or more freely definable selection criteria. If you specify several selection criteria, you can add or subtract the resulting sets of data, or determine intersecting sets.

In the second step, freely-definable data is output for the personnel numbers selected in the first step. Apart from the common options for representing and transferring reporting results (table, basic list, ranked list, link to MS Word and MS Excel, mail function, PC file), the results of the Ad Hoc Query can also be presented in HTML. This allows them to be used in Internet applications.

Unlike ABAP Query in which you must define reports, Ad Hoc Query only requires you to choose the selection and output fields by flagging them in a tree structure which is set up according to the Personnel Management infotypes.

From the Ad Hoc Query, you can branch to general reporting or ABAP Query. In this case, only the first step of Ad Hoc Query is used; a specific set of personnel numbers is selected, and the resulting datasets are evaluated using a query or report program.

Further notes

You can access Ad Hoc Query by selecting Human resources -> Information system -> Info tools.