Changes to Personnel Cost Planning for 4.0A


The Personnel Cost Planning component has undergone changes in the following areas:


The Personnel Cost Planning customizing activities have been reassigned. You will now find these activities in the Compensation Management IMG structure (Personnel Management => Compensation Management).

Within customizing for Personnel Cost Planning, you can now set additional control parameters. These parameters determine:

Payroll Integration

Integration between the Payroll Accounting component and Personnel Cost Planning has changed. Consequently there are two new payroll reports: RPCIPE00 and RPCIPK00.

RPCIPE00 is executed within Payroll Accounting and creates the HR documents required by CO.

RPCIPK00 must be started by Personnel Cost Planning and writes payroll results to PCL5.

User Exits

Personnel Cost Planning contains a user exit. User exits are a means of bypassing sections of standard SAP coding and replacing it with your own unique coding.

The Cost Planning user exit is called PPCP0001 and you can use it to assign additional cost elements to the person or change those that are already assigned.

To implement this user exit, choose: Tools => ABAP/4 Workbench => Utilities => Enhancements => Project management.

You can activate your user exit from here. For more information, refer to the user exit's documentation or for general information, choose: Utilities => Online manaual.