Personnel Time Management: Main Developments for Release 4.0A General


The application component hierarchy has been changed. For information on the Shift Planning and Incentive Wages components, see the release notes for Time Management.

Open System

Optimized Business Processes: The Time Sheet (CATS)

The time sheet is an integrated alternative to the previous time recording functions in the HR, CO, PM, PS, and SM applications.
The time sheet supports cross-application processes such as the recording of hours worked for internal activity allocation, confirmations, attendances and absences in Time Management, and external services using a standardized, central user interface.
If you use the time sheet in Time Management, you can reference target hours when entering data and checking the recorded time. Collision checks are carried out and the recorded data can be validated against quotas.

Greater Degree of User-Friendliness

Simplified Customizing of Time Management

Quota Administration and Attendance/Absence Counting

Enhancements in Shift Planning

Enhancements in Time Evaluation

Optimization of Daily Work Procedures