Information on Availability of Employees


Before you can schedule employees for particular work activities or orders, it is essential to have information on their time schedules - that is, to know exactly when they are available. Up until now, an employee's availability was determined from his or her personal work schedule; attendance and absence information in Time Management was generally taken as meaning that the employee was not available.

As of Release 4.0A, you can define an emplyoee's availability status in more detail. There is a new field in the Attendance and Absence Types table that allows you to see whether employees are available from the attendances or absences recorded for them.

One of the ways this information is supplied is using the new BAPI BAPI_TIMEAVAILSCHEDULE_BUILD. It allows information on an employee's availability to be used in a number of different applications.
The BAPI returns a list showing employees' availability at specific times. The list is based on the employee's personal work schedule and any time data that represents an exception to the schedule. Information on availability from the following infotypes is evaluated:

The employee's availability is returned as an availability status with additional background information.

In the standard SAP R/3 System, the new BAPI is used for the following components:

Change system parameters in customizing

For more information on the BAPI, please see the documentation on the function module BAPI_TIMEAVAILSCHEDULE_BUILD.

You can access the new field in the Attendances and Absences table in the step Determine entry screens and time constratint classes in the Implementation Guide for Time Management.