Time Data and Activitiy Allocation in CO


As of Release 4.0A, it is also possible to record time data with specifications for activitiy allocation in distributed systems. Specifications for activity allocation are recorded in the Attendances (2002), Employee Remuneration Information (2010), and Absences (2001) infotypes, and can then be transferred for activity allocation in CO.

The functions for transferring data to activity allocation have been changed and extended accordingly:

Installation information

Table COIFT must be emptied before the upgrade to Release 4.0A, that is, all data must be transferred to CO and the table reorganized (using report RKIBIHR1). Otherwise, there are problems transferring data entered in a system with an earlier maintenance status, and the database runtimes during the upgrade are extremely long.

Change system parameters in customizing

You schedule the report Transfer Additional Activity Allocation Data to Accounting (RPTPDOC0) in the following step in the Implementation Guide for Time Management: Schedule data transfer to activity allocation .

Further notes