New Function Module for the Personal Work Schedule


As of Release 4.0, there is a new central module for reading the personel work schedule. The function module HR_PERSONAL_WORK_SCHEDULE determines the daily work schedules for a person within a specified period.

The new function module HR_PERSONAL_WORK_SCHEDULE provides a simpler interface, simpler error processing, and shorter runtimes than RP_BUILD_PSP.

The module RP_BUILD_PSP is still available in the system, but will not be maintained after Release 4.0C.

Change system parameters in customizing

For future maintenance levels, the SAP standard programs will be converted to account for the new function module.

If you use the function module RP_BUILD_PSP in customer-specific programs, you should convert to the new function module. For information on converting RP_BUILD_PSP to HR_PERSONAL_WORK_SCHEDULE, please see the OSS note 81606.