New User Interface Layouts in Time Recording


1. In order to simplify the entry of time data, the initial screens for the following Time Recording transactions have been simplified:
The selection list of infotypes now appears in a table control with a vertical scroll bar.
2. You now call the infotype menus Display Time Data (PA51) and Maintain Time Data (PA61) using tab pages. The tab pages help you to choose the correct menu.
3. The use of table control has improved the list output of infotype records.
4. Table control is also used for fast entry of time data (PA71). This means that you can set up the entry screen to cater to your personal requirements. You can change the order in which the columns are displayed, or hide columns altogether.
Table control makes it possible to provide more fields on the maintenance screens. For the Substitutions infotype (2003), for example, all the fields on the single screen are now also available on the fast entry screen.