Extended Field Formats in Time Infotypes


1. Additional decimal places in the Leave Entitlement (0005) and Leave Compensation (0083) infotypes

The number fields in the Leave Entitlement (0005) and Leave Compensation (0083) infotypes have been extended to allow for five places before and five places behind the decimal point. This was requested by certain countries, and allows you to maintain leave accrual in hours over several years.

There are still only two places behind the decimal point in evaluation reports and in the payroll form RPCEDTx0 . The time statement form RPTEDT00 has been converted to the new format.

Leave deduction is still stored on cluster PC. If you want to access old deduction data, you must convert cluster PC. Please see the following release note: Convert Time Management and Incentive Wages Clusters.

1. Extended Amount fields

The Amount field in the Employee Remuneration Information (2010) infotype and the Valuation basis field in the following infotypes have been extended and now have 11 places before the decimal point (maximum 99 billion):
Absences (2001)
Attendances (2002)
Substitutions (2003)
Availability (2004)
Overtime (2005)
Employee Remuneration Information (2010)

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to adapt the output of remaining leave on the time statement form to the new format, proceed as follows in the Set up totals overview step:

1. Choose page type LP.
2. Change the name of the VACATION field to VACATION5.
3. Set the field to length 7.