Convert Time Management and Incentive Wages Clusters


The data structures in the Time Management clusters B1, PC (database PCL1) and B2 (database PCL2), and the Incentive Wages clusters L1 (database PCL1) and G1 (database PCL1) have been changed for Release 4.0A.

The data must be converted to the new structures so that it can still be processed in the system. The conversion is carried out during the release upgrade using the XPRAs (eXecutable PRogram After) RPU40ATM and RPUCPC50. Clusters B1 and PC are fully converted, whereas clusters B2, L1, and G1 are only converted for the last twelve months. This is to keep runtimes to a minimum. Time Management and Incentive Wages are operational once the conversion has been carried out.

If you require access to data that is more than twelve months old, you must start the conversion report RPUCB203 for cluster B2 (or RPUCL101 for cluster L1 and RPUCG101 for cluster G1) after the upgrade.

For more information on the conversion, please see the documentation on XPRA RRPU40ATM.